Streaming Service of the Year 2015

Awards Winner
The original streamer and still a stonker, a colossal catalogue and clever curation approach, with superb social skills, makes Spotify anything but an old-hat cross-platform player.

The runners-up

Not to be confused with its speedy shipping service, with a library larger than Netflix and a growing catalogue of addictive originals, a clunky interface belies the brilliance of Prime.

Not lacking on library size, Music is a human-like learner with smart recommendations for your radio. It might be buggy and lack a UI as clean as a clickwheel, but it’s got skills to steam up streaming.

Simplicity is everything, and Netflix’s access-for-all approach, combined with a massive library of films, shows and originals, makes it a simply superb streaming service.

Cloud gaming meets console kit. You’ll need beefy broadband, but low-latency tech means lag-free living room streaming, rentals and multiplayer mayhem – all in perfectly-playable clarity.

Nordic know-how relaunched by Jay Z, Tidal’s library is a little light and implementation a bit iffy, but engaging editorial exposure and its high-end HiFi service make for a properly premium streamer.