More price cuts for Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface RT

It’s another massive discount for Microsoft’s Surface tablets, with prices slashed by $60 to $130

Nearly two months after the price cuts for the Surface RT, Microsoft just announced another round of price revisions for its Surface Pro tablets and reduced the prices for its Surface RT and Touch Cover bundle.

Going, going, gone!

Starting from today, the Surface Pro 64GB version is reduced by $130, pushing its price point to $1068. If you need more storage space, its 128GB variant is now pegged at $1198.

The Surface RT tablets bundled with the Microsoft Touch Cover have also been reduced to $558 for 32GB and $688 for 64GB.

Considering that you get the touch-sensitive keyboard cum cover Touch Cover for just $60 more (the Surface RT is still pegged at $488 for the 32GB version) with this bundle, compared to a separate purchase at $108 (which is down from $168), the Surface RT bundle will most likely entice consumers to take the plunge.

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