100 Best Gadgets Ever: The Mobile Age

The dawn of the noughties saw our media making its way into our pockets, with the advent of the iPod, Napster and Facebook
100 best gadgets ever: The Mobile Age

100 best gadgets ever: The Mobile Age

It's difficult to imagine a time when you could go anywhere and not see someone sporting Apple’s signature white headphones, but before 2001, it was an everyday occurrence.

Yes, this was the era that saw Apple introduce the first iPod. Along with the first (successful) peer-to-peer downloading service, the noughties were the era when digital music came of age.

Mark Zuckerberg also launched his social networking site Facebook (although we’re sure the Winklevoss brothers would disagree), so if you can tear your eyes away from your News Feed, strap in and learn when it all began.