25 best party movies ever

Treat your “morning after” brain to one of these classic party films after this year’s office do

P-A-R-T-why? Because party films are awesome, that's why. Here are 25 of the best.

The Party (1968)

Directed by Blake “Pink Panther” Edwards, starring Peter “Pink Panther” Sellers and with music by Henry “Pink Panther” Mancini, it doesn’t take a genius to guess the flavour of comedy that made The Party a hit. The script was only 63 pages long, but Sellers’ knack for inspired improvisation made up the feature-length running time.

Bachelor Party (1984)

Tom Hanks also starred in Splash in 1984, but Bachelor Party did away with fishy girls in favour of a chaotic stag-do romp that makes The Hangover look like a night out in a Yates’s Wine Lodge. Even a hotel orgy and multiple suicide attempts can’t put a stop to the inevitable [spoiler alert] happy ending.

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Festen (1998)

Ever fancied sitting in on a Danish dinner party? Probably not, but when the guests turn out to have several cemeteries worth of skeletons in their family closet, it livens things up a bit. Warning: Festen is dark.

Cinderella (1950)

This classic Disney rags-to-riches story sees a poorly treated Cinderella's wishes come true as she attends a royal ball and wins the Prince's heart, all thanks to the wonders of her fairy godmother. If only real life worked the same way – we'd be sipping champagne in a golden palace, complete with a Bugatti that turns into an aubergine at midnight.

Dazed and Confused (1993)

Keg parties, “making out” and the true-blooded American dream of making the college football squad... but despite the cliché-ridden premise of Dazed and Confused, Richard Linklater’s coming-of-age comedy is a cut above the usual fluff. And the classic rock soundtrack is superb.

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