Microsoft unveils new Xbox One models at Gamescom

One's white, one comes with 1TB of storage and the third features Peter Schmeichel

Microsoft has revealed three new Xbox One console bundles at Gamescom 2014 - and two of them look markedly different from the current all-black model.

First up there's the Sunset Overdrive bundle which, unsurprisingly, includes a copy of the super-bright, insanely fast monster shooter. More noticeable, however, is that it's white. 

While it's likely to stick out like a sore thumb in any AV system that doesn't belong to a Stormtrooper, we rather liked it when we spotted it at the show floor in person.

It'll be available for £350 on 31 October, which is when Sunset Overdrive hits shelves.

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All hail the 1TB HDD

Microsoft unveils new Xbox One models at Gamescom - All hail the 1TB HDD 2Microsoft unveils new Xbox One models at Gamescom - All hail the 1TB HDD 3

For those of you looking for something a little grittier, there's the Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle. Guess which game you'll find in this particular box?

In addition to the CoD look and military green/grey colours of the console itself, the Advanced Warfare edition console also has bumped up internal storage, with a healthy 1TB compared to the standard 500GB. 

The extra space will be good news for those who digitally download most of their games, avoiding the constant need to delete then reinstall titles.

The extra storage does come at a cost though - £430 for the whole package. It's available for pre-order from today, and will be released on 4 November.

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The Great Dane Returns

Finally, there's the FIFA 15 bundle. No snazzy paint job here - just a console and a copy of the most popular sports title on Earth.

Microsoft unveils new Xbox One models at Gamescom

Xbox One gamers will have exclusive access to legendary players in Ultimate Team mode, including former Manchester United ace Peter Schmeichel. Who, incidentally, made a surprise appearance onstage.

The FIFA 15 bundle will be available to pre-order from 25 September, ahead of its 29 October launch.

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