Ranked: The best iPhones ever

Which iPhone is the best ever iPhone? We don our ponder caps to identify Apple's champion of champions

All of the iPhones together - but which was the very best

Every iPhone has been a great iPhone – and nearly all of them have been excellent. Love 'em or hate 'em, Apple knows how to make fantastic devices.

Many have been game-changers in their time, ushering in hardware advancements, new ways of interacting with gadgets, and software additions that became indispensable. And every single one of them has been influential, considering how often other makers ride their coattails.

In pure quality and ability terms this would be a simple list of newest to oldest, but what's the point of that? Instead we've considered form, function, impact, influence, quality of competition, and any red flags to work out which was the most successful and impressive in its time.


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