Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 14 gadget gift ideas for fitness fanatics

Feel the festive burn with these sweat-inducing gifts

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 14 best gadget gift ideas for fitness fanatics

Christmas might be the season of excess, but that's all the more reason to encourage some snowy sport sessions (or rainy runs, as the case may be).

Be it springy shoes or wrist-wrapping trackers, we've got the gifts stock full of fitness smarts to turn too much Turkey into rippling washboard abs. Ok, so we're not guaranteeing anything, but at least you'll look darn fine as you wheeze your way back to the sofa for another box set and slice of Yule log.

Adidas Ultra Boost (£100)

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 14 best gadget gift ideas for fitness fanatics

Buying trainers for someone else can be a dangerous game, but these kicks are a safe bet for most runners looking to rack up some winter mileage. Their styrofoam­like Boost cushioning is regarded by runners of all levels as one of the most comfortable rides around, while their Primeknit upper expands with your foot on long runs.

Fans of minimalist shoes might find them a tad hefty, but few trainers are better for anything from middle distances to marathon training.

Buy Adidas Ultra Boost here

Polar M400 (£115)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for health and fitness fans

Can’t decide whether to get your beloved runner a fitness band or a GPS watch? Give them something that combines the two, instead. The M400 takes Fitbit-style sleep-sensing smarts and mashes them together with powerful GPS tracking in a sleek, wrist-mounted shell.

Buy the Polar M400 here

Sony B Trainer (£230)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for health and fitness fans

Combining your favourite tunes with top-end training and stat-measurement, this swanky Sony headpiece is one immersively fitness-focussed friend.

Voice coaching developed with running gurus Asics and an advanced goal-setting system will egg you on to burn off that festive fat, whilst its deceptively dinky waterproof shell packs an olympian array of sensors, including a barometer, compass and heart rate monitor, to give you the full force of your feedback.

Best of all, it packs a battery good for most marathons.

Buy the Sony B Trainer here

Sol Republic Relays (£60)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for health and fitness fans

It’s hard enough finding the right pair of running headphones for your own ears, let alone someone else’s. Thankfully, the sweat-proof Relays are a safe bet for most shell-likers, thanks to an adaptable outer ring that moulds to the shape of your ear. Oh, and they sound great too.

Buy Sol Republic Relays here

Silva Trail Speed Elite (£140)

Best Christmas gifts ideas for health and fitness fans

Winter runs are exhilarating, but the evening dark also makes parks feel like a terrifying level from Limbo. Here to reveal that, no, that tree isn’t a giant spider and, yes, you are about to run into a park bench, is this versatile headtorch. It ticks all the right boxes for running: light (162g with battery), fox-startlingly bright (660 lumens with a throw of 90m) and water-resistant.

It’s not just for tarmac trudging, either, with attachments included for mounting it on a helmet or bike handlebars, plus there’s a giant power button for those who simply can’t face the cold without a giant pair of ski gloves.

Just make sure the lucky recipient turns it off before blinding your family at Christmas dinner.

Buy Silva Trail Speed Elite here


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