The best cheap smartphones 2015 - reviewed

Looking for the best mobile phone under £150? We've tested every budget smartphone that matters

The best cheap smartphones - reviewed

The era of the bad budget smartphone is over.

Never again should you put up with pixelly screens, sluggish web speeds and cameras so bad that a built-in Etch-a-Sketch would be preferable, because you can now get an all-round reliable phone for less than £150. Sure, there are still plenty of bad phones out there - but you needn't concern yourself with them any more. 

We’ve taken all the cheap smartphones that matter and tested them against each other, with our comparisons and verdicts tidied up neatly into the individual reviews over the next few pages. First up, the clear winner and new benchmark for budget smartphones: the magnificent Vodafone Smart Prime 6.


Vodafone Smart Prime 6 | Moto G 4G | Hisense Sero 5 | Microsoft Lumia 635 | Moto E (2015) | Honor Holly | Microsoft Lumia 535 | Bush Windows Phone | EE Rook | Vodafone Smart 4 Turbo | Microsoft Lumia 435