Fully Charged: Samsung Galaxy K revealed, Amazon teams with HBO, and Withings now tracks your blood oxygen

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Samsung Galaxy K: an S5 with a 10x zoom lens?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom has been doing the rumour rounds for a while now – but as it turns out, it might end up being called something else: the Galaxy K.

Pictures of what is apparently the Galaxy K, strongly tipped to be announced next Tuesday, 29th April, were posted on Baidu. The zoom lens (thought to be 10x optical) is extended in the images, and the whole thing looks decidedly tidier and trimmer than last year’s Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Roll on next Tuesday.

[Source: Baidu]

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Amazon Prime Instant Video signs up HBO – but not for the UK

In the battle of the video streaming services, Amazon just scored a big hit on Netflix: it has signed a deal with US cable network HBO, meaning lots of HBO’s programming will be streamable to Prime Instant Video subscribers from 21st May, and the HBO Go app will appear on its Fire TV box.

Prime Instant Video users won’t receive full access to HBO’s archives – new shows like Game of Thrones are excluded from the deal – but favourites including The Sopranos, Eastbound & Down, Deadwood and The Wire will appear for streaming. And existing HBO customers in the US will be able to use the Fire TV box to watch any HBO show on their living room screen.

Here in the UK, it’s not immediately clear how the deal will affect Prime Instant Video users. The HBO Go app is not available here, and Sky has six years left on its exclusive deal to broadcast HBO’s programming. So it’s likely that nothing much will change this side of the pond.

[Source: Amazon]

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Google Street View: now a time machine (sort of)

Google Maps’ Street View has just got a new feature – the ability to go back in time. What do we mean by that exactly? Well, Google has now made it possible to dial selected Street Views back. If there’s older photo data available, an hourglass and slider will appear in the top-left section of the page. This lets you move through historical images (only as far back as Street View’s inception in 2006, of course) taken from your current perspective. So you can watch New York’s One World Trade Center being built – or witness the aftermath of a natural disaster.

[Source: Google]

Withings Pulse fitness tracker now measures blood oxygen

Withings has released an updated version of its Pulse fitness tracker. Pulse O2, as its name suggests, is able to measure the amount oxygen in your bloodstream as well as the usual tracker stuff like heart rate, steps taken, elevation climbed and sleep activity.

Like its predecessor, the Pulse O2 can be worn on your wrist or clipped to clothing, and syncs with Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth Low Energy. It’s available from the Withings site priced at €119.95 (around £100).

[Source: Withings]