The Alarming Clock's mechanical woodpecker makes an alarm out of anything

A glass of water, a block of wood, your hamster Fluffles - anything goes

That's just awful. Somebody call PETA. 
Steady on. This isn't some kind of archaic Flintstones gadget with a cramped, unpaid animal trapped inside it. The woodpecker in The Alarming Clock is 100% mechanical.

Ah. So what exactly am I looking at here? 
You're looking at a new twist on the most hated gadget of all time: the alarm clock.

Embedded into the block of wood is a 'beak' which repeatedly taps against anything you fancy to help lure you in from the land of sweet slumber and into the harsh reality of real life.

So I could use my wall? 
Well yes, you could just use your wall as an alarm surface, by that's hardly the best your imagination can come up with, is it? 

The Alarming Clock's mechanical woodpecker makes an alarm out of anything

How about a glass of water? Or a miniature gong? You've even got the option to pick up a set of three marked glass tumblers to get the exact tone you want.

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Aren't clocks meant to, you know, show the time?
They certainly are. And this one does too. A digital clock face is in the bottom, along with the alarm and time setting controls.

It's hidden out of sight to prevent endless clock watching while you're trying to nod off.

So how do I turn it off?
Simply tap the touch sensitive top and you're good to go. If you want to disable the alarm completely, just pull the beak out and put it on the table. Easy eh?

Can I set multiple alarms? I'm a heavy sleeper.
Not quite. The Alarming Clock is designed with simplicity in mind, with the aim of helping you get in your full eight hours a night.

Set the alarm for the morning and you'll get an automatic alarm setting off in the evening, an hour before you should be in bed. It should help build up a regular routine so that you can ditch those lunchtime energy drinks for good.

Your answers have intrigued me. I wish to learn more.
And learn more you shall. The Alarming Clock is set to land on Kickstarter later on today, where you can pick up a handmade piece from £180.

In the meantime, check out Alarming Industries for more information.

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