The 10 Best iPhone and iPad apps

Want to know the finest iOS apps available for your iPhone or iPad? We've got you covered

Korg Gadget

A clutch of configurable synths and drum machines and an intuitive interface make this the best music-making app on iOS

Affinity Photo

Take your jaw off of the floor - this really is desktop-class pro-level photo editing for your iPad. Photoshop who?

GRID Autosport

Think you can’t get console-quality games on iOS? Try this vrooming amazing racer and you’ll be instantly converted.

Bring You Home

Change the future by dragging panels about in this imaginative mash-up of slapstick interactive cartoon and puzzler


Sure, it’s from Google, but this is the best free photo editor on iOS, with tons of tools, fab filters, and non-destructive edits

Euclidean Lands

40 levels of stabby violence and Rubik’s Cube trickery combined with Monument Valley-style visuals. This one’s puzzling bliss

Data Wing

Zoom about 2D racetracks and tricky arcade bits. Immerse yourself in a heart-wrenching story. Marvel that it’s entirely free


An indie darling of Mac and PC authors everywhere, this long-form scribbler turns out to be the write stuff on iOS too

Fugue Machine

‘Bach in a box’, this sequencer takes really old-school ideas so you can make new-school electronic music – and it’s wonderful