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Upgrade your webcam or speakerphone to impress your colleagues

Get more out of meetings and power up your pitches

Whether you’re connecting with clients or catching up with colleagues, video meetings quickly show the limitations of your conferencing kit: speakers struggle to be heard, faces loom out of the gloom and products or prototypes sometimes have to wait for the autofocus to find them.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get pro-quality video and sound every time without any fuss? It’s time to upgrade your webcam or speakerphone.

The perfect framing for every meeting

It’s time to get yourself a smarter webcam. Something like low-light correction is particularly great for evening catch-ups with clients or colleagues in different time zones: no matter how low the lighting is where you are.

And there are other features like revolutionary AI-powered auto framing that automatically adjusts the field of view to get everybody in frame. If it’s just you, it keeps the field of view close, but if you’re with your team it pulls back to put everyone in the picture.

The AnkerWork PowerConf 300 can do all this with crisp 1080p/60FPS visuals and has another really important feature too: super-speedy autofocus. If you’ve ever held up a prototype and had to wait for your webcam’s autofocus to find it, you’ll know how that delay can damage the momentum of a presentation or pitch. Not here: the PowerConf C300 takes just 0.35 seconds to focus.

Many webcams also feature excellent audio now. For example, the PowerConf C500 has two ultra-sensitive microphones to make you sound as impressive as you look.


Upgrade your calls with a speakerphone

If you’ve ever strained to hear the speakers in a teleconference, you’re going to love the difference if you buy a new speakerphone.

The AnkerWork PowerConf S330 offers smart voice enhancement for clearer and louder voices from the four integrated microphones enabling it to pick up all voices within a three-metre range. Audio smarts come from a 1.75in driver and two passive bass radiators for deep sound and 360-degree coverage. There’s also Ambient Noise Cancellation as well as plug-and-play connectivity via USB-C.

For more demanding uses there’s the AnkerWork PowerConf S500 speakerphone. Again, it uses USB-C or Bluetooth. Its acoustically tuned speaker delivers hi-fi grade sound that makes lesser speakerphones sound like tin cans tied with string, and the ultra-sensitive voice pickup means you and your team sound great too: 32Khz sampling transmits your voice with stunning definition and clarity, and full duplex communication delivers completely clear 2-way audio even when speakers from both sides are talking simultaneously.

We particularly like the VoiceRadar technology built into every S500. It automatically focuses on the voices in the room, eliminating unwanted noises and banishing the bane of teleconferencing, the unwanted echo. The audio remains serene no matter how noisy the room.

The PowerConf S500 is also Zoom Certified, which means it meets Zoom’s highest standards and can work well in rooms of up to 12 people. For larger meetings, you can also wirelessly pair two S300s to increase coverage for up to 20 people.

Speakerphones for remote workers

If you want to have the same incredible call clarity and performance in a more portable form, the PowerConf S3 Speakerphone is ideal for remote and home workers, for events and for pop-up offices. Its six-microphone array, 360-degree listening, Smart Voice Enhancement and Multi-Person mode deliver exceptionally clear audio even when multiple people are talking.

And because it’s plug and play via USB and also works flawlessly over Bluetooth there’s no complex installation. It works with all the major conferencing platforms and you don’t even need to find a plug for it: there’s a 6,700mAh battery inside to power multiple meetings without needing to be recharged in between. You can even use it to charge other devices at super-fast speeds thanks to its integrated PowerIQ technology.

Whether you’re working solo from home or communicating between teams, these webcams and speakerphones really mean business.