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Protect your home the wireless way this winter

Get the ultimate in-home security system without the effort or expense

Swann AllSecure 650 two cameras hi res

This is our favourite time of year, with crisp leaves to crunch and Christmas presents to choose. But unfortunately, winter is a big time for burglars too. According to the Office for National Statistics, one in 60 UK adults will experience a burglary – and the Home Office reports that the average cost of a burglary is over £3,300, with some households losing even more.

One of the best ways to prevent burglaries is to have a top-notch security system. If you’ve considered one in the past but been put off by the complexity or the cost, Swann’s AllSecure650™ could be the perfect solution. It’s a high-tech home security system that’s incredibly affordable, really simple to set up and extremely effective. 

Get ultimate peace of mind with the AllSecure650™

The complete kit contains everything you need for a fully featured home security system, including controllable spotlights and sirens, colour night vision, heat sensing and motion detection. Swann’s wireless cameras deliver crisp, clear 2K resolution, can be located wherever suits you best and can send notifications to your phone when they detect activity. With night viewing distances of up to 32 feet in full colour and 100 feet in monochrome, they’re just as effective in the dark as they are in the daytime. And because the cameras are 2K, they deliver twice the clarity of the more common 1080p cameras you’ll find in many rival systems.

That’s not all. There’s two-way audio so you can communicate with visitors or warn off intruders, and the camera’s built-in digital zoom enables you to zoom in on faces or car number plates for even better clarity. Each camera includes a long-life rechargeable battery that lasts months between charges. And because the cameras are rated IP66, you can be sure they’ll continue to protect your property no matter how wild the winter weather.

The high-tech heart of your home security

Swann AllSecure 650 base station hi res

At the heart of your Swann system is Swann’s very first Network Video Recorder (NVR), the NVR-650 Power Hub. The Power Hub works just like a high-end CCTV recorder but uses digital video technology for superb image quality and massive storage capacity. Swann’s AllSecure650™ has a whopping 1TB of storage, which is enough for two years of high-qualityvideo. Unlike many security systems, there’s no need to spend more money if you want to have cloud storage: simply connect your Dropbox account and you can store your videos online for free.

The Power Hub’s digital video technology means it can automatically stitch together clips showing activity, so you don’t need to scroll through timelines trying to find the moment when something happened. The AllSecure650™ True Detect feature combines heat detection with motion detection, and its alerts are more reliable than systems that rely solely on motion tracking. 

Each Swann camera has fast wireless Wi-Fi connectivity that streams directly to the Swann security app, but if you prefer to do things old-school you can view your video directly on your TV via an HDMI cable – no internet required.

No power? No problem

The Power Hub has another smart trick up its sleeve: its spare battery provides up to five hours of power in the event of a power outage, so you can be confident that your cameras are still capturing video even when the power is out. And it has a built-in charging bay too, enabling you to charge your camera batteries quickly and easily. Because your camera batteries are fast-swappable there’s no need to take them inside to recharge. Just snap in a charged battery and you’re good to go with no downtime.

Ideal options for every home

Swann AllSecure 650 camera

The Swann AllSecure650™ is available in two- or four-camera versions, so you can secure everything from a small flat to a detached house and its grounds. Each kit contains everything you need to get up and running, right down to mounting screws, theft deterrent stickers and a spare battery.

That attention to detail demonstrates why Swann is a giant in the global security business. For over 35 years its security systems have protected everything from the smallest studio flats to the biggest businesses, and Swann continues to innovate as part of its mission to deliver security made smarter. So, if you’re looking to protect your loved ones this winter and for a long time to come, Swann’s AllSecure650™ is a superb solution.

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