Your favourite iOS apps and games are about to disappear. Here’s why – and how to save them

32-bit apps and games will soon stop working on iOS, but you can keep the classics indefinitely

Time was, you could trust in the permanence of your tech. Vinyl wasn't going anywhere. Tapes felt pretty solid.

Not any more: apps and games vanish from app stores on a daily basis - and we’ll soon see a far more radical upheaval, with iOS blocking access to thousands of titles.

Warning signs first appeared in iOS 10 betas. When some older apps were launched, a dialogue noted they weren’t optimised for iOS 10, stating this “may affect overall system performance”.

By 10.2, the wording shifted to note such an app may slow down your device, and the language in iOS 10.3 is starker still. The latest dialogue says a guilty app “will not work with future versions of iOS”. It ends: “The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility”.