The five best indie games coming to Xbox One

From We Happy Few to Overcooked, here are the next indie darlings to get excited about

It started with Superhot and kicked up another notch with the stunning Inside. Yup, 2016 has been a sensational year for indie games so far. Trouble is, if you own a PlayStation 4 you won’t have been able play either of these two titles, and that’s because they’re both Xbox One console exclusives.

While Sony’s machine is hardly lacking for stellar titles, if you ache to play something more offbeat than the latest Call of Duty or FIFA then it’s arguably the Xbox One that’s got you best covered (although No Man's Sky might have something to say about that).

As if to hammer home the point, Microsoft invited us to play a whole load of games from its slate of upcoming indie titles - these are the five that got us most excited.


A culinary delight, Overcooked revives the timeless joy of local multiplayer games by planting you and your mates in an impossibly busy kitchen. It’s your job to serve up orders for soup, burgers, burritos and the like as their orders come in at a frenzied pace. Sounds easy enough, right? Not when you’re trying to make them on a pirate ship, arctic ice plain or on the back of a moving lorry.

Soon simple tasks are fraught with peril and you’ll find yourself desperately reaching for a fire extinguisher in no time at all. While most of your dishes will survive such a frantic panic, your friendships might not be so lucky.


Recalling the classic art style of 1930s Disney and Pop-Eye cartoons, Cuphead is one of the most striking games to be made in years. A run and gun affair, your goal is to shoot your way through an array of foes in recompense for the titular hero’s failed pact with the devil.

As you can imagine, plot is secondary to your ability to dodge a constant barrage of bullets and projectiles. The end result is a barrelful of frenetic fun and seems destined to be a cult hit when it's released later this year.