Stuff readers vs Nintendo Switch - Father vs Son

When it comes to offering parents and children a chance to indulge in a little friendly rivalry, the Nintendo Switch is the daddy of consoles
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The upstart against the old-timer. Youth versus experience. Young against old. Whatever age you are, there are few better feelings than gaming against (and thrashing) family members. And where better to indulge in a little cross-generational competitiveness than on the Nintendo Switch?

Designed to adapt to just about any gaming environment, the Nintendo Switch provides truly console-quality gaming on the go. So whether you’re sneaking in a quick game against Junior before packing her off to school, or duking it out on a long-haul flight, the opportunities for parent/child competition are near-endless. 

To put this to the test, we gave the Nintendo Switch to a Stuff-reading father and son and followed them around from their home, to a cab, to the park. May the best man – or boy – win!

Watch below:


Anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

The Nintendo Switch takes cutting-edge console power, packs it into a sleek tablet, and pairs it with the brand new Joy-Con controllers. This all means you get the true console experience out and about, meaning the fun doesn’t stop when you have to leave the house. Flick out the tablet’s kickstand and place it on a flat surface, or if you’re in for a bumpy ride such as a cab journey or camel safari, simply hold it like a conventional handheld console.

When you do get home, though, the Nintendo Switch becomes a fully-fledged home gaming machine. Slot the tablet into the dock provided, grab the Joy-Cons, and you can sit back on the sofa and carry on your gaming. Or take them apart and you can play in two-player mode, complete with movement-sensitive controls and object-sensing technology.

Take up the challenge

In the video above, Stuff readers are trying out some of the 28 games on offer from launch title 1-2-Switch. They’re perfect to play with – and against – your friends and family.

Prove yourself a ping-pong pro on Table Tennis using the Joy-Con as your virtual bat. Showcase your shaving skills on Shave or indulge in a little face-stuffing fun on Eating Contest. And remember: it’s not the winning that counts, it’s the bragging about it afterwards.

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