Deal alert: Three is offering 100GB of data for just £25 a month

Imagine never having to worry about running out of data again. That’s what Three’s 100GB SIM-only deal is offering – just in time for the launch of a very special phone
Promoted by Three

In the list of “things it’s impossible to have too much of”, mobile data is up there with love, joy and those purple sweets in Quality Street. So we should all celebrate the new data-stuffed, SIM-only deal from Three.

For just £25 a month, you get a whopping 100GB of data. It’s like one of those food TV shows, only that instead of having to eat 100 oysters, you get to use up 100GB of data. And instead of having to rush to the toilet at the end, you get to do it all again next month. The data usage, that is, not the oyster eating.

There’s no point having oodles of data, of course, if you’re constantly waiting for videos to buffer. Fortunately, Three offers 4G as standard on the UK’s fastest-growing network, so you can watch your favourite Netflix shows in more places than ever. In addition, you can now Go Roam with Feel at Home in 60 destinations around the world. So you can use your standard data, call and text allowances from countries including the USA, Germany, Portugal and Greece.


Unless you’ve been spending the past few months living under a rock, you’re probably also aware that a certain phone will be launching in September. We won’t mention it by name, but we’ll give you a clue: it rhymes with ‘My Throne’s Great’. Therefore, there’s never been a better time to combine Three’s amazing SIM-only deal with a truly cutting-edge handset.

Here are five things that 100GB of data a month could, more or less, grant you...

50 hours of YouTube in Full HD

Ever wanted to watch YouTube in 1080p for over two days straight? Of course you haven’t. But you could with 100GB of data. Feature-length documentaries... obscure highlights reels from the 1992-93 Premier League season... every Beyoncé music video ever made. All this could be yours for just £25 a month.

140 hours of Instagram

Do you have a near-limitless appetite for looking at other people’s tanned legs, smiling babies, perfectly sculpted torsos and gluten-free meals? Then you’ll love a data package that allows for 140 full hours of Instagramming. That’s basically the equivalent of looking at Instagram, 24/7, for almost six days straight. Sure, you’d end up with a serious inferiority complex and a lifelong hatred of avocado-based breakfasts. But, holy guacamole, that’s a whole lot of data.

600 hours of Facebook (with video)

Facebook fanatics should put a big ‘like’ next to Three’s 100GB offer. With that amount of data, you could post witty comments, upload photos and watch videos on the social network all day, every day, for almost a month. Not even Mark Zuckerberg spends that amount of time on there.

700 hours of music streaming

Just think what you could listen to with 700 hours’ worth of music-streaming data: 14,000 ‘I Saw Her Standing Theres’... 840 Kid As… a couple of tracks from My Bloody Valentine. With 100MB of data, you could, like Sister Sledge before you, be lost in music. Forever.

1700 hours of web browsing

OK, it’s technically impossible to do 1700 hours of anything a month. Much in the same way it’s impossible to do 40 hours of work a day or give 110% on the football pitch. Maths won’t allow it. There are, in fact, only 744 hours in a 31-day month, and you could spend every one of those hours browsing online. Then, at the end of the month, you could tell all of your virtual friends you still have more than 50% of your monthly data remaining. Hurrah!

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