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You won’t be able to buy a Windows 10-equipped PC on 29 July

Microsoft is all about upgrades at first, because the hardware won't be ready

If you’ve been plotting 29 July – Windows 10’s release date – as the day you’ll buy a new PC with the operating system ready to go, we have some bad news for you. It’s not going to happen.

According to Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s vice president of Windows and device marketing, the OS isn’t completely finished yet, and thus hasn’t been provided to PC manufacturers. So they won’t have hardware ready to sell with Windows 10 preinstalled on day one.

“You will see computers running with Windows 10 installed very soon after the 29th, and then in the fall a whole new class of machines for the holidays,” he told Bloomberg.

Microsoft’s big release date is frankly seeming less and less like a big deal with each new revelation. Earlier this month, the company said that the five million people in the Insider program that downloaded the Windows 10 Technical Preview will get the first copies of the OS on 29 July. After that, the company will roll out additional access day-by-day to anyone else who reserved a copy.

Everyone else who simply thought they could grab it on day one? You might be waiting a bit, although at this point, it’s not clear how long that’ll be. We suppose it depends on how problematic the initial waves of the rollout prove to be. We’ve been really impressed with the preview version, so for everyone’s sake, we hope it won’t be a long wait at all.

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