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You can stream Xbox One games into Microsoft’s HoloLens

Another cool perk for the surely pricey augmented reality headset

Over the last year-plus, Microsoft has gotten its mojo back – and part of that has come with cooler hardware, including the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Book. But it’s HoloLens that puts some futuristic wow power into the company’s lineup.

The augmented reality headset has been impressively demoed since the start of the year, including a mind-blowing look at Minecraft – but there’s more going on in the gaming space when it comes to HoloLens. Today, we got a glimpse at another possibility.

As part of an officially sanctioned Twitter hashtag campaign called #MadeWithHoloLens, Microsoft is letting its developers share more and more interesting demos that use the headset. One of them, from HoloLens program manager Varun Mani, shows Xbox One hit Halo 5: Guardians playable within the headset, streamed over from a nearby console.

Like other media not designed to exist within your physical space via the AR visor, Halo 5 is shown running on a virtual display pinned to a wall. It’s not unlike the Xbox One support for the Oculus Rift consumer edition, only that has a proper cinema setting within the app. The functionality seems similar, however.

In any case, it’s just another example of how you may never need to take off the HoloLens once it comes into your world – but when and how much are still vague. Microsoft plans to roll it out to selected external developers in the first quarter of next year at US$3,000 (about £2,000) apiece

No word yet on how much it’ll eventually sell for on store shelves, but Microsoft apparently plans to keep making the case for the headset’s capabilities before the sticker shock sets in.

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