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YotaPhone E Ink and LCD dual-screen smartphone out late 2013

Yota Devices has joined forces with Bookmate to offer a better E Ink reading experience

The world’s first dual-screen smartphone with LCD and E Ink displays – YotaPhone – has been a long time coming. We first spotted it exclusively at CES 2012, then it was officially announced in December 2012 with a 2013 released date. Now it’s confirmed to be launching internationally in the second half of 2013.

The YotaPhone team has revealed that it’s joined forces with Bookmate, Russia’s fastest growing digital reading platform. The handset promises to let you browse books and magazines with virtually no power drain – you don’t even have to wake up the phone.

Let’s hope that the Bookmate deal is a sign of things to come when the YotaPhone is rolled out internationally – if they palled up with the likes of Nook or Amazon, this could be the Kindle Phone we’ve been waiting for. With Amazon selling Kindle hardware at a loss to make digital sales, that doesn’t seem impossible.

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