Yahoo preps Connected TV for CES

The tiresome quest to takeover Yahoo has dominated the sections of the paper you throw away every Sunday. But now the search engine is looking to inje

Aimed at bringing the 'best of the internet to your TV', Yahoo's new creation will apparently let you watch whatever channel you fancy while keeping your pals up–to–date with your mundane happenings on your favourite social networks.

On top of that, Yahoo is also planning to let you get 'internet experiences from major TV networks while watching the news.' That's known as advertising to you and me. Dubbed TV Widgets, it sounds like the perfect distraction when you're a tad bored of all that important stuff going down on the news channel.

Yahoo is said to be working with major manufacturers to make TV Widgets a reality next year. That's a reality in the US rather than the UK, but at least the idea's there.

We'll be getting a closer look at CES in January, so stay locked for more news as we get it.