Yahoo introduces App Search tab

Go browsing for iOS and Android apps using Yahoo, and buy on your phone with QR codes

Yahoo has simplified the process of finding Android and iOS apps by adding a bespoke App Search tab to its UK search engine. The new portal presents app browsers with a selection of the most popular apps, whilst those who are hunting for a specific app can delve in to the usual categories including games, entertainment and social networking.

Having pored through hundreds of thousands of apps in the Android Market or iTunes to find the desired item, the search engine offers the prospective buyer three download options: use your phone's QR code reader to scan the code; redirect to the app store or enter your mobile number in order to receive a link.

The benefit for the user of Yahoo’s App Search is speedy access to the app store shopfronts, a bit like finding the booze at the front of Tesco’s alongside the fruit, rather than having to traipse through the shop. For Yahoo it means you’re less likely to wander off down the virtual high street.

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