Would you buy a massive 6in version of the Samsung Galaxy S7?

This is spot the difference, on hard mode

It doesn’t look like the Galaxy S7 rumours are winding down for the Christmas break. Take the render above, which supposedly shows off what Samsung’s next flagship will look like.

Yes, it looks identical to the current Galaxy S6 at first, second, and even third glance. Everything from the rounded shape, to the camera and LED flash placement appears to be identical, bar two small changes.

The slightly more obvious one is the home button, which has taken on a rectangular, shape, while the SIM slot appears to have moved further down the right hand side.

The render comes courtesy of third-party accessory maker ITSKINS, so we can’t confirm its accuracy, especially as we doubt that case manufacturers would get access to Samsung’s designs this early.

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But wait, there’s more

According to the source, there will be two variants of the S7 - a regular 5.1in version, and a super-sized 6in version that will likely challenge all but the biggest of hands.

There’s no mention of a stylus to take advantage of the extra screen real estate, but Samsung could decide to increase the size of the Galaxy Note 6 to compensate.

If these latest rumours are true, then we could be looking at a convoluted lineup of a Galaxy S7, a Galaxy S7+, a Galaxy S7 Edge (and an Edge+), along with the Note 6.

Then again, past rumours have pointed to the S7 as having Edge-like curved screens as standard, which would cut down on the roster somewhat.

It’s all rather confusing, so we’ll have to wait for more solid information over the next few months, like everybody else.

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