Why the iPhone 3GS is the new king of cameras on Flickr

In the top 5 cameras most used to take pictures uploaded to photo sharing site Flickr, there's one mobile – the iPhone.Despite the fact that even the

In the top 5 cameras most used to take pictures uploaded to photo sharing site Flickr, there's one mobile – the iPhone.

Despite the fact that even the iPhone 3GS, the latest version of Apple's uber-phone only has 3MP camera and no flash, it beats the grunt of Nokia's N95 and Nokia N97.

The iPhone's also far ahead of Sony Ericsson which despite its dedicated Cybershot snapper line only makes an appearance at number 5 in the "Top Cam Phones on Flickr" chart.

The iPhone (which includes all three generations of the Apple smartphone) is currently running a close second to Canon EOS 400D, a 10.1MP prosumer DSLR. However, it has overtaken the EOS 400D several times  over the past six months. Why has a phone with a camera which at first seems antiquated compared to many other mobiles and compared to DSLRs, managed to top the Flickr charts?

The answer is most likely connectivity and simplicity. Other phones could easily batter the iPhone family in a specs fight but  have user interfaces that are as simple to use as the iPhone OS. you want to sling your snaps (with the iPhone 3GS) videos, the iPhone is arguably the best option. For the great majority people, it makes sharing snapshots easy.

Interestingly, the iPhone is not just the only mobile phone in the 5 most popular cameras on Flickr, it's the only point and shoot to make the running. The rest of the most popular cameras are DSLRs with Canon filling three out of the five slots with the Canon 400D, EOS 450D and EOS 40D. The final member of the fabulous 5 is the Nikon D80.

Flickr users are obviously a self-selecting group – a sub-section of Internet users with an interest in the art of photography and/or sharing their pictures. But the top 5 cameras shows a clear split between two main types of Flickr photographer – the snap happy amateur and the truly committed lens-toting DSLR slinger.

The iPhone's popularity on the site continues to grow while the Canon EOS 400D (given the US name of the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi in Flickr's graphs) has seen a decline in popularity due to age. Meanwhile the other four cameras have grown in popularity or remained steady.

Among its own kind, in the camera phone chart, the iPhone is far-and-away the most popular device. It streaks ahead of the now slightly aging Nokia N95 which has seen its popularity steadily decline.

Blackberry makes a strong showing too at number 3 and 4 in the top 5 cam phones with the Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Storm. Its appearance adds weight to the idea that taking pictures is more about convenience than ever. People use what they carry with them.

If the next generation of the iPhone manages to up the megapixels and add a flash into the equation, its lead could become even more pronounced.

Do megapixels and superb specs still matter to you? Let us know what camera you use to share your snaps on Flickr and whether you think iPhone can hold on to the crown for good. Tell us in the comments.