Waterstones to sell Amazon's Kindle in-store

The Amazon juggernaut muscles in on Britain's biggest high-street bookseller

No longer will ebook enthusiasts have to furtively browse the Kindle Store while in Waterstones – the bookseller is set to sell Amazon's Kindle ebook readers in its high street stores, and it's throwing in free Wi-Fi so that you can shop for ebooks in-store.

Waterstones already sells Sony ebook readers in its stores – and has its own ebooks site – but in bringing the Kindle juggernaut into its stores, the chain is trying to circumvent the problem of people browsing for books in its shops and then buying them as Kindle ebooks.

If that wasn’t enough, Waterstones is also introducing in-store coffee shops to its stores – although hot liquids and Kindles don’t usually mix.

The new chapter for Waterstones is bookmarked for autumn – and will come as a relief to anyone who's felt guilty pangs at using the Kindle Store to score ebooks while in Waterstones.

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