Watch this space - Samsung's working on a super-luxury Gear S3

Hope you've got a credit card at the ready - you're going to need it

£8000 for an 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition? A mere pittance compared to what Samsung’s got in the works.

The upcoming Gear S3 is apparently going to get a “super-luxury” edition, courtesy of luxury jeweller de GRISOGONO.

The Swiss specialist revealed it was working “to develop [Samsung’s] next-generation smartwatch,” to the Korea Herald this morning.

The two companies have prior form when it comes to blinging up smartwatches; they teamed up for a limited edition Gear S2 earlier this year.

The US$15,000 timepiece swapped out the vanilla model’s plastic case for a rose gold bezel bedazzled with over 100 black and white diamonds, and ditched the basic rubber wristband for de GRISOGONO's signature black galuchat strap.

The seriously spangly smartwatch got an unveiling at high-end watch show Baselworld in March, so it’s a fair bet we’ll see the same again next year for the new model. 

De GRISOGONO didn’t drop any hints at what to expect from the Gear S3, and we’ll probably have to wait for IFA in September for an official Samsung reveal. 

There's a good chance the fully circular screen will make a comeback, along with the twisty bezel that lets you spin through settings and screens.

We’re betting the basic model won’t come with a diamond-studded bezel, though.