Want a Samsung Galaxy S3 now? Fly to Dubai

Middle East retailers put Samsung's new superphone on the shelves a week early

If you just can't wait to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S3 – which launches in the UK on May 29th – you might want to book a flight to Dubai. Sammy's new superphone appears to have been let out of the gate early in the Middle East, with one Reddit user spotting the phone onsale in Dubai.

Seemingly backing up his claim, The Verge was sent snaps of a Galaxy S3 that had allegedly been bought in Dubai. The phone was on sale for AED2500 – about £430 – though if you want to head out there and pick one up, flights from the UK to Dubai start from around £330. Might be best to wait, then.

While you're counting the hours until launch day, check out our hands-on with the Galaxy S3 – or have a look at our video of the S3 in action.

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