Virgin Media snuggles up with Netflix

Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Arrested Development and more? Yes please

Virgin Media has announced that it's partnering up with Netflix to bring heavyweight shows like Breaking Bad to 40,000 Virgin Media TiVo boxes this week.

This will be the first time that Netflix has landed on a pay-TV platform, and it's a move that gets Stuff's seal of approval.

More and more people are turning to streaming services like Netflix and LoveFilm in lieu of traditional cable subscriptions, and a convergence of both services will be a win-win for consumers, especially when quality exclusive content like House of Cards is involved.

Whether or not Sky will follow in Virgin's footsteps however remains to be seen – but it's unlikely. Streaming services like Netflix compete with its own Sky Movies and Box Office services (hence the absence of Netflix and LoveFilm on Sky's Now TV box), though we can't help but feel that streaming services should be embraced, not shunned.

Virgin will begin rolling out Netflix to all 1.7 million of its customers later this year – but if you're one of the lucky 40,000 piloting it this week, you'd better not spoil the new Breaking Bad episodes for us.