Unboxed – Sennheiser HD800

As any self–respecting gadget fiend will know, rocking the right set of headphones is crucial if you want your tunes to sound as they should. As oppos

Well, as ever, Sennheiser has taken things up a notch. Unveiled back at CES, their new flagship HD800 headphones are something else. We've just got back from having a play with them over at their HQ in Hanover and can just about hear things normally again.

Unsurprisingly, they sound fantastic. This is down to the 56m transducer you'll find inside, plus the fact sound is angled into your lugholes, rather than being fired in directly. This gives the effect of listening to a loudspeaker rather than a pair of cans.

The music on offer left a lot to be desired (Billy Joel's greatest hits anyone?), but we managed to throw some Seasick Steve tracks through them and it was a delight. The drawback? They cost a massive £1,000. For more, keep an eye out for our hands–on video, coming soon to