Tron's got nothing on the Bolt electric bike

Well it would if it as real, this concept screams future design. Well less screams and more electric hums

We thought Bolt was just a wonder dog until this bike concept landed on the Stuff desk.

The Bolt electric bike uses a naked streetfighter-style frame to encase its dual electric motors that will churn out 80kW of power. Considering Audi’s electric bicycle manages 50mph with a 2.3kW motor we’re guessing the Bolt will live up to its name.

The lighting, internally and externally, is a definite nod to Tron and is all LED powered – giving that seamless tail glow. Less illuminating, sadly, is information on the design – we’ll just have to wait and see if the Bolt ever makes it to the road. Until then we’re just going to drool over the Tron Lightcycle some more.

(via yankodesign)

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