Toshiba’s Windows 10 laptops will have Cortana buttons

Toshiba wants to give you a shortcut to Microsoft's digital personal assistant

Toshiba seems to be aggressively integrating Windows 10 features into its laptops - for starters, it's giving Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant a dedicated button on the keyboard. 

The Cortana shortcut button will be placed near the function keys, on the top left of the laptop's keyboard. That's according to Jeff Barney, Toshiba America’s Computer Business division’s general manager and vice president. Barney also emphasised that the feature will be available for all of the company’s Windows 10 laptops.

The addition of this button will help ease the issues of the voice-activated trigger that Cortana faces. Users also won’t have to find and click on the icon on the screen - basically, Cortana listens when you want to.

There is also a possible future idea to install Cortana buttons on mice, according to PCWorld. By which we mean computer controllers, not little cybernetic AI-controlled rodents that'll tell you when the next train to London Victoria is due or how likely it is to rain today.

[Source: Digital Trends]