TomTom's Golfer 2 smartwatch looks up to par

Tracks your round and teaches you to stay out of the rough

Don’t go thinking Golf is an old man’s sport - TomTom reckons there are over 60 million players worldwide.

The perfect audience for a new golf-tracking smartwatch, then. The Golfer 2 is an evolution of the original Golfer watch, tweaked and refined with more style and extra features.

TomTom says it’s the world’s first with automatic shot detection and post-game analysis - normally you’d need multiple gadgets, but the Golfer 2 squeezes it all onto your wrist.

It recognises up to 40,000 courses worldwide using GPS, and can measure distances for drives and approach shots.

Not within sight of the hole yet? It’s got simple diagrams of every single one, and it keeps up to date with regular updates downloaded over Bluetooth from your smartphone.

It’ll save you from pencilling in your score, too; it automatically calculates your score as you play.

TomTom might have ditched the heart rate tracker, but the Golfer 2 still counts calories and steps taken using GPS.

It looks very similar to the Spark and Multi-Sport fitness watches, only with a thinner build so it sits flush to your wrist. The metal clasp and trim around the screen are a step up in terms of style, too. It’s even got the familiar four-way controller and the same menu layout, so it’s easy to jump between settings.

Oh, and for any British golfers worried about being caught in a downpour, it's also water resistant. 

It's once you've left the links that the Golfer 2 really helps you step up your game. An incoming update to TomTom's MySports app will add per-shot analysis, showing when you’re driving too hard, or getting too much swing on a particular hole.

It'll record every single round you play, so you can see how you're improving (or not, if you're anything like us). We weren't able to give it a proper test (a single crazy golf hole definitely doesn't count) so we'll have to wait until launch to  see how it fares on the green.

Some people might think golf is a good walk spoiled, but if you regularly tee off the Golfer 2 could be worth adding to your golf bag. It's going on sale in May for £199.