TomTom collars Mr Burns and Marge Simpson to tell you the way

Marge Simpson and Mr Burns join the likes of John Cleese and Brian Blessed in TomTom’s celebrity satnav voice line-up

“Simpson, eh? Well you’d better turn right or I’ll set the dogs on you.” What more pleasant voice to guide you home than the miserable Mr Burns from The Simpsons? Perhaps you’d rather the granite-edged rasp of Marge Simpson to tell you what to do at the next roundabout? Yes, Marge and Monty are the latest Simpsons voices to join TomTom’s voice downloads.

Marge and Mr Burns are now available from the TomTom voice store, where they join Homer, Roger Moore, Brian Blessed and Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson.

Naturally, the evil Mr Burns doesn’t hold back the insults, whilst Marge is somewhat prone to voicing fanciful notions. It remains to be seen if they can match Homer’s position as the most downloaded character voice of all time.

The voices are available as a £7.95 download for use with TomTom satnav devices such as Go Live 820 Europe and for £3.49 as an in-app purchase for the iPhone or iPad TomTom apps.

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