News’s Top 10 festival gadgets

In the excitement of working out your plan of attack for a festival line-up, it’s easy to forget about more important questions. How will you ke

If you’re still lacking a tent, we’d heartily recommend investing in the latest version of Eurohike’s Blackout tents, the Flash Mach III. It’s easy to pitch, and the black lining helps you get some crucial extra kip.  

Universal chargers don’t come any better than the Powertraveller Powermonkey Explorer, while Canon’s Powershot D10 camera can take a good splattering with mud and beer and still deliver fine snaps.

For extra camping comfort, the Selk bag will keep you toasty at night, while the Addict Festival jacket is a fine alternative to traipsing around in a free poncho.

And if you can’t help but regale fellow campers with your unique take on the day’s songs, the Washburn Rover RO10 is an extremely light and portable campfire guitar.

Of course, you may want to see this lot in action before taking the plunge, so we'll be featuring them all plus more festival ideas in our special festival vidcast next week.