’s guide to Mothers Day gadget gifts

Whether you mum is a technophobe or a sporty type, houseproud or just loves to chat, we have the perfect gift selections – and not a carnation i

Whether you mum is a technophobe or a sporty type, houseproud or just loves to chat, we have the perfect gift selections – and not a carnation in sight.




A simple phone that will spare your Mum from ridicule, the 6700’s effortless design makes it super-simple to talk, text and take pictures. There’s even web browsing for the more adventurous.

The size of a stick of chewing gum and just as easy to use, your Mum can stick on 1,000 of her favourite tunes on this and a nice man will tell her which one is playing at the touch of a button.


Mr Site Beginner £20

Even if your Mum has only recently switched on a computer, this friendly yellow box will provide her with all she needs to produce her own site – from customizable themes to video upload. No jargon, no fuss and – most importantly – no html.


If your Ma is kitted out with an iPod nano, then hook her up with this ace training tool. Strap the sensor onto her trainers and she’ll be able to measures distances, set targets and upload stats. She can even choose a “Powersong” to get her going – some Tina Turner perhaps?

OK, so they might not be the most fashionable item in your Mum’s wardrobe, but then a back hump ain’t too trendy either. By evenly distributing the pressure on your feet, these wonder shoes will improve posture, reduce stress on joints and even help to tone wobbly bits.

Spy Academy from £85


OK, so he might not be as useful as his big brother, but this is the vacuum equivalent of a kitten. Localised afternoon tea crumb spillage will be history in seconds with this little sucker.

Resembling a cute little robot dog, this clever little kitchen companion will serve up fuss-free coffee – from Macchiato to Cappuccino – using a capsule system. Your Mum will be the toast of the coffee crowd,

After all her hard work, it’s only fair that Mum should slosh back a wine or three, so give her some knowledge with her tipple. This course-in-a-box contains 10 mini lessons on the elements of wine-tasting, and on completion of an online quiz, she’ll get an NVQ Level 2 qualification as well as a hangover.


If your Ma could talk the hind legs off any equine animal, and regularly humiliates you on FaceBook to boot, then this is the perfect communication tool. She’ll get free Skype-to-Skype calls as well as an always-on Facey-B connection to bug you All. Day. Long.


Toshiba Camileo S10 £130

We’ve seen a slew of excellent budget cams that make it a doddle to shoot, upload and share lately. And now Mum can film all her brood in glorious HD and get it up on MumTube pronto with Tosh’s latest pistol-grip offering.

Gone are the days of showing off tatty pics of your family that have been stuffed into your wallet. Now Mum can carry around up to 100 snaps of you naked as a nipper to show all her mates.