Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 01/10/12

Office Cat explores why kittens are good for you while Simon Cowell plans to find the next Steve Jobs...

Kittens are good for your health

Researchers from Hiroshima University have shown that looking at pictures of cute baby animals can make you perform tasks more efficiently. Office Cat prescribes three minutes of lunchtime kitten perusal every day and strongly advices against pictures of puppies. They're primitive, messy and lack the poise and grace of felines. Office Cat may be biased, though.

Source: Dvice, photograph – Catherine Fleming

Simon Cowell hunting for the next Steve Jobs

Office Cat regrets to inform Stuff readers that Simon Cowell and are teaming up to produce a show called X Factor for Tech, in a hope to discover the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Ever heard of Kickstarter, gentlemen? Good. Now stop what you're doing and stick to finding the next forgettable Christmas number one.

Source: The Sun

Lomo creates bite-sized cam for hipsters

Oh you were using 110mm film before it was cool? Well Office Cat thinks you should wipe that smug smile off your face, because Lomo has resurrected the previously dead format with its Baby 110 camera. It offers interchangeable 24/12mm lenses for hipster shutterbugs with £35 to spare.

Source: Lomo

Steve Jobs returns in wax

If Mr Cowell fails to find the next Steve Jobs he can always travel to Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong where a HK$1.5million waxwork sculpture of the late tech guru has been unveiled. Scary, isn't it?

Source: Pocket-Lint

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