Stuff magazine April 2021 issue out now

It's a mean, green, planet-saving magazine

The April issue of Stuff magazine is out now and we've dedicated it to all things eco – so hear us out. 

There is absolutely no way to avoid the fact that most of the stuff in Stuff is made from, well, stuff. And some of that stuff is in some way detrimental to the planet. What can we say? Humans are bad.

Steps can be taken now. We must stop throwing everything away if we’re going to keep Earth on the straight and narrow, and so a circular economy with reusable, recyclable and renewable products seems the only plausible way forward – welcome to the premise for the eco-tech special.

The idea is to give you a greater idea of where your stuff comes from, what your stuff is made from, how long your stuff will last, and what to do with your stuff when you’re finished with it.

Stuff April 2021: Green age riot

Inside the latest issue you'll find a bumper cover story featuring everyting from Bluetooth speakers made from plastic bags, to NASA-inspired indoor gardens for growing essential vegetables like, er, wheatgrass, and laptops made from ocean plastic.

We've also taken a look at whether tech companies are doing their bit for the planet, with some surprising results, including how Apple is using robots to reclaim precious materials. 

Plus, we check out a garage forecourt-full of electifying new EVs, including Renault's retro return for the famous 5 and a Hyundai that looks suspicioiusly like the DeLorean DMC-12. 




Stuff April 2021: Pub garden weather

April's Hot Stuff section is as scalding as ever with a focus on the likes of DJI's game-changing new drone and a fancy smartwatch for Premier League referees (plus normal people). 

We check out the latest germ-killing gadgets and gloves to stop you from feeling icky, and take a look at some fancy weather apps so you can keep tabs on beer garden conditions ahead of the pubs opening up.


Stuff April 2021: Reviews, reviews, reviews

As ever we've got masses of reviews with tip top headline puns too, including what might be our new favourite TV of 2021 so far, a selection of superb five-star noise-cancelling headphones, and a pizza oven you can use indoors. Crazy. 

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