Spotify may be planning new premium tier in effort to fight Apple Music

Streaming service trying to fend off Apple's aggressive streaming advances

Apple Music has around 11 million listeners now - some say that's pretty good, some say it fails to impress. Meanwhile, Spotify is trying not to get clobbered by its new rival and is in the process of creating a new premium tier - or at least that what reports say.

This tier, says Billboard, isn't yet another level of membership, but instead applies to content. Some music would be earmarked as premium-only, or playable for free listeners only for a limited duration.

Spotify has already tried this tack with a Muse track “The Globalist,” making it available only to paid subscribers.

It's likely this new feature of sorts could be launched by early 2016. While Tidal has yet to really win over subscribers with its exclusives, maybe this might be enough to get people to pony up a little more money for restriction-free streaming.

[Source: Billboard]