Sony’s NGP becomes PlayStation Vita

Next-gen handheld games console picks up a new gamer tag, PS Vita


Sony’s NGP has impressed geeks and gamers alike with its densely packed spec sheet and alluring curves since its announcement back in January and after yesterday’s E3 conference the dream device now has a proper name – the PlayStation Vita.  

Vita is appropriately translated as ‘life’ in Latin and we can already see the handheld powerhouse fuelling the lifeblood of gamers the world over. Many games will be available both on the PS3 and the Vita and thanks to cloud-based game saves, adventures can be carried on seamlessly from one platform to the other.

Priced at just US$250 for the Wi-Fi model, the Vita matches the comparatively under-powered 3DS and is a great blow to Nintendo, whose handheld offering looks toy-like by comparison. Although no UK pricing has been announced as of yet, CVG is reporting a figure of £235 for the Wi-Fi model, comparable to the figure on the label of Ninty's 3D handheld. With a launch set to take place before Christmas 2011, we’ve had to rethink many of our gadget purchases and have tightened our belts to make room for this drool-inducing example of handheld entertainment. The months cannot pass quickly enough.

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