Sony remains unclear on PS4 second-hand game charges

After public outcry Sony has responded to gamers unhappy about DRM charges – but the response isn’t clear
Sony PlayStation 4

Sony has responded to outcry from gamers who don’t want PS4 to be charged for trading second-hand PS4 games. But the, “we hear you” response is less than clear.

Microsoft announced the Xbox One last week and made it clear games would be linked to your console through Digital Rights Management (DRM). But when asked if Microsoft would charge a fee for changing that registration when a second-hand game is bought, nobody could get a straight answer. Now Sony is doing the same.

Gamers took to Twitter with the hastag #NoDRMPS4 and SCEA producer Nick Accordino responded, "Humbled by the outpouring of passionate PlayStation fans and their willingness to talk to us directly. Please know that we hear you." Then head of hardware marketing at Sony PlayStation, John Koller, added, "This is why I love PlayStation fans - the passion bucket overflows." 

So other than commenting on the comments we’re still left with no clear indication from Sony or Microsoft on the state of second-hand gaming fees. Are they each waiting to see what the other does? It’s clear how gamers feel. Let’s hope they make the right choice at E3 when they make the big reveal, from June 10th

[via TheNextWeb]