Sony launches Wi-Fi-only version of massive Xperia Z Ultra phablet in Japan

Sony's magic wand transforms its gargantuan phone into a miniature tablet
Sony launches Wi-Fi-only Xperia Z Ultra model in Japan

Sony has revealed a Wi-Fi-only Xperia Z Ultra model, turning the huge phone into a shrunken tablet in one fell swoop.

The new Z Ultra model serves up the same gorgeous 6.4in 1080p display as its SIM-toting counterpart, and it'll laugh in the face of water and dust too, as any good Xperia device should.

Sadly this particular version of the Z Ultra is a Japan-only affair for the time being, where it'll be available for around US$500.

Still, if you happen to be travelling through the land of the rising sun and fancy a new toy for your return trip, you could do a lot worse.

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[Sony Japan via Engadget]