SONY GAMESCOM 2009 – PSP gets digital reader, mini games and new colours

We may all have been looking out for the PS3 Slim announcement at Sony's Gamescom press conference, but the PSP has certainly not been left out of the

The first thing PSP owners will see from the announcements is the whole host of new games called "Minis on PSP", launching on 1 October.

Aimed at developers who haven't made games for the PSP before, they will be – as the name suggests – "smaller, downloadable games at low prices".

With a size limit of 100MB, Sony announced there would be at least 15 games available at launch, with 50 games downloadable by the end of the year.

Next up is a digital reader for PSP, coming in December. Capable of reading many types of media, the reader will launch with hundreds of digital comics up for grabs, and will have autoflow for easy reading.

Comic-book fans will be pleased to hear that PSP and Marvel are closely linked on the project, meaning we'll see classics like Spider-Man, X-Men and The Incredible Hulk from the Marvel catalogue, as well as plenty of other graphic novels from different publishers – both big and small.

Now if you're yet to jump on the PSP wagon, there was news for you too, as PSP-3000 has three new colours coming out in turquoise green, blossom pink and lilac purple.

For those preferring to pick up the PSPGo, it was announced that new owners registering their console between the 1-10 October will get a free download of the full Gran Turismo PSP game. Don't mind if we do.

Considering the PS3 Slim wasn't exactly the best-kept secret, it's nice to get a few PSP-shaped surprises from the conference. Be sure to let us know what you think to Sony's announcements below.