Sony eBook readers hit Waterstones

Amazon's Kindle may have been hogging all the headlines in the States, but Sony and Waterstones have just stolen a march on the online giant by announ

Smaller than a hardback and with enough memory to store 160 eBooks, the duo hope it'll become the iPod of the written word.

It uses e-ink technology, which means its no more eye wearying than standard black and white print - and the pages are viewable in direct sunlight, should any show up this summer.

Annoyingly for public transport users it also has an impressive viewing angle of 180 degrees, giving the person next to you a nice eyeful without them leaning over your shoulder.

Course, there is the small disadvantage of having to keep its batteries topped up, but Sony reckons one charge is good for 6,800 page turns - enough for War and Peace four times over.

Waterstones will be taking pre-orders from tomorrow. It's not said when it'll start shipping but it has said its eBook download service will be going live from early September so we'd say around then.


Sony PRS-505

Price: £200

On sale: TBA

Contact: Waterstones