Sony delays OLED TV production

Sony is set to delay its plans for a large-size OLED TV until next year at the earliest, it's been reported.The successor to the rather lovely but pri

The successor to the rather lovely but pricey 11-inch XEL-1 launched in 2008, has been put on hold according to sources close to the company.

It seems the huge losses reported by the company during Q1 this year have meant the costs have needed to be reeled in, and the price tag on mass producing the mega-thin TVs was substancial. The 11-inch models cost $3,500 on the shelves.

A Tokyo-based spokesperson has refused to comment on the rumours, so it's not known yet whether this is true or not. If it is, it'll leave Sony trailing considerably behind its competitors LG and Samsung who have both said they have plans to out OLED TVS, with LG hoping to have its on the shelves by Christmas.

Has Sony made the right decision? Would you fork out big bucks for a super-skinny TV? Let us know below.

Via: Reg Hardware