Sonos reveals Play:5 speaker and Trueplay tuning system

Promises optimised sound for each room in your house

Sonos has revealed its new Play: 5 multi room speaker which, combined with its new Trueplay software, promises “best-in-class sound for any placement, in any room”.

Trueplay works by automatically tuning the speaker itself, after a special tone is emitted and picked up by an iPhone or iPhone’s microphone, and analysed by an accompanying app. It’s meant to be an easier DIY alternative to more expensive speaker calibration, and should, in theory, result in better, more balanced sound, in different environments.

The Trueplay software will be compatible with the Sonos Play:1, Play:2, Play:3 and new Play:5 (more on that in a second), and will be available on future Sonos products too.

The new Play:5 packs in six custom drivers along with three mid-woofers and three tweeters, promising smooth mids, deep lows and crisp highs. It also supports three different orientations - the regular horizontal position, two vertical speakers for a focus sweet spot, or two horizontal speakers which will apparently offer more room-filling sound.

The Play:5 will be available for £430 in black and white “later this year”, and we'll update this store with a more solid release date, as and when we get it.