Sonos Play:1 speaker accidentally revealed by US store Target

Smallest Sonos will be available to buy on Monday 14th
The Sonos:1 on shelves in San Francisco

According to Sonos, it does not exist - but Stuff can confirm the Sonos Play:1 speaker is on sale in San Francisco. The $199 speaker is the smallest member of the Sonos family, and comes in black and white versions.

However, Target staff were unable to tell us anything about the speaker's specs, claiming it was not due to go on sale until October 14th - and pulled all of the units off the shelves when we tried to buy one.

Target spoils Sonos Play:1 surprise

The Play:1 is the smallest of the Sonos speakers - perfect for surround sound
The white version of the speaker up close

Like it’s older brothers the Play:3 and Play:5, it has minimal controls - just the volume buttons and a small LED light.

Sonos has yet to confirm the speaker’s existence, and staff at the Target store we visited in downtown SF knew nothing about it - although both a black and white unit were on sale.

It is believed the Play:1 will become a new entry level product for Sonos, and could also act as surround sound speakers for the firm’s TV sound system, the Playbar.

Annoying there are few clues to the speakers specs on the box, there’s an ethernet port on the back, along with a mounting port for affixing it to a wall. There’s also a power cable, so no battery option, sadly.

Staff told us the Play:1 isn’t officially on sale until the 14th, so expect an announcement from Sonos then - and come back for a full review.