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Snapchat’s latest feature enables you to discover live entertainment from Ticketmaster

Can we get an "Ay-Ooooooooh"?

When it comes to companies collaborating, social media giant Snapchat and ticket sales platform Ticketmaster, probably don’t come to mind. But, the companies have joined forces to release a surprising new Snapchat update that lets you discover live entertainment.

With the feature, called TicketMatcher, Snapchat has added a “first-of-its-kind” Map Layer to the existing Snap Map. This will work alongside an in-app Mini that can match Snapchat users with events they might like based on their preferences.

Using a new Map Layer, users will also be able to swipe left and right on upcoming shows. Snapchat hopes this means users will be able to discover events nearby, while they are already using Snap Map to find their friends.

This layer is perhaps the most interesting part of the new feature. It lets app users discover new events while using the app as they usually would.

Snapchat users can also launch the TicketMatcher Mini through the Rocket Icon in Chat. After filling in a quick survey, the app will then suggest upcoming shows based on selected preferences. Users can swipe left and right to browse through events.

Interestingly, app users can see if their friends have matched with the same event, and launch a conversation or group chat straight away. It’s a pretty unique way to make ticket purchasing more social.

Snapchat has also integrated the Ticketmaster checkout straight into the feature. So, you’ll be able to pay for the tickets on Ticketmaster without leaving the app. It’s all about convenience for the users!

Currently, the social platform is rolling out the feature to more than 20 countries. It’s currently unclear if the feature will roll out to more countries in the future.

Snapchat and Ticketmaster’s collaboration not only brings a social element to buying tickets, but also an easier way to discover events. It’s pretty impressive that you can find an event you’re interested in while using Snapchat as normal.