Smanos' UFO is an all-seeing eye of home security

Only thieves need fear the presence of this flying saucer-esque cam

Is this the world’s first interesting home security camera? I want to believe.

Hey, nice X-Files reference. I get it. Because this thing, y’know… looks like a flying saucer. But it’s a home security camera.

That’s right. It wears its extraterrestrial transport resemblance on its sleeve. It’s even called the “UFO”.

The Smanos UFO Panoramic Wi-Fi HD Camera, to give it its full name. And it’s not just its “what the heck is this, really?” shape that makes it a noteworthy addition to the ever-increasing range of internet-connected home security cameras. It’s the lens, too.

Do tell…

While most of its rivals have a wide-angle lens, the UFO goes a step further with fish-eye glass able to provide a choice of a full 360-degree bird’s eye view (ideal if it’s mounted on your ceiling), a 180-degree panorama (better if it’s wall-mounted) or four separate 90-degree views. That means that, with careful placement, it can cover a greater area than most cameras – and perhaps that means it’ll save you buying more than one.

And what does it provide?

A live HD feed, via the internet, to your iOS or Android device. You can even zoom in or out. So you can keep an eye on your prized collection of priceless Ming vases/Faberge eggs/Star Wars figurines, no matter where you are. 
Footage can also be stored locally, if you whack in a microSD card (which you’ll have to buy separately).

OK, this is one UFO I quite fancy getting beamed up by. At least there’s no prospect of intimate probes being employed. When’s it out, and how much will it cost?

Look out for it on sale in the UK (from Smanos' site, among other retailers) from mid-October, priced at around £150.