Sky’s slick 4K set-top box could be unveiled very soon

Box formerly known as “Project Ethan” now has a proper name: SkyQ [Updated with more info]

A few days ago BT and YouView launched the UK’s first 4K set-top box, the Humax DTR-T4000, but it might not be too long until we see the second – the SkyQ box.

According to The Telegraph, Sky’s latest box will be unveiled “within weeks” and has been designed to deliver a slick “Apple and Netflix-style” experience, with programmes displayed on a carousel and more weight given to visual cues within the UI – a marked difference from the text-heavy programme guide on the current Sky HD box.

We’ve covered Sky’s 4K box here before, back when it was known by its codename of Project Ethan. Not only will it allow you to receive Sky’s 4K broadcasts (Sky is yet to reveal its plans for 4K, so we don’t know the scope or type of content it’ll be offering), but it will allow users to watch and record up to four programmes simultaneously, beaming content to tablets and smartphones around the user’s home.

Recommendation engine

It’ll also feature Netflix-style curation and recommendations, analysing the sort of things each user likes to watch and suggesting similar content.

The Telegraph’s report suggests that the SkyQ box is a lot more advanced on the tech side of things than YouView’s 4K equivalent, but that won’t mean much to 4K early adopters unless Sky can step up with a better offering of content. Given the broadcaster’s track record, we’d imagine there’ll be quite a bit of ultra HD stuff to watch come launch – but of course, we don’t yet know when that launch will come.

UPDATE: Since publishing this story, we've been told by a source close to Sky that the company has no plans to announce any new products within the next few weeks. So maybe put those celebratory beers back on ice for a little while.

[Source: The Telegraph]