BT’s 4K sports channel is launching in just a couple of weeks

Here are all the official details on the BT TV Ultra HD package, the first way to get broadcast 4K in the UK

Psst. Want to watch a proper live 4K broadcast on your TV? Well, now we know how.

BT has revealed details of its BT TV Ultra HD package, which consists of the BT Sport Ultra HD channel and a new 1TB YouView set-top box. The channel will launch on 2nd August, its inaugural broadcast being the FA Community Shield match between Arsenal and Chelsea. Three more live Premiership matches will be broadcast in 4K in August, as well as the MotoGP from Silverstone at the end of the month.

The UHD channel is delivered via broadband, which means customers need a BT Infinity 1 or 2 set-up and a fast enough line to handle the huge amounts of data required.

The package also includes 47 Premium channels (13 in “normal” HD), up to 80 Freeview channels, catch-up TV, TV Everywhere and the ability to rent and purchase films through the BT Store. Subscribers can also get up to £500 off the price of an LG 4K TV.

This doesn’t come for free, naturally. There’s a £44 installation charge for the new Humax DTR-T4000 YouView 1TB box (required, as it’s the first YouView box able to handle a 3840 x 2160 resolution image), while the TV subscription costs £15 a month. That’s £5, essentially, for the 4K channel – the rest can be had for £10 a month under BT’s existing package.

£5 a month for a channel showing such a small amount of content might seem pricey, but it’s not hugely surprising given that, currently, there’s no other way to watch live 4K broadcasts in the UK. You can buy the package online from 24th July.

[Source: BT]